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A special forces team that conducts secret missions for the American government.
Most of the members have had military experience, and the team’s mission accomplishment percentage is very high.

They were dispatched to Raccoon City in order to obtain information regarding the viral outbreak. They are also tasked with finding a key person with inside information. Enemies of Umbrella forces in Raccoon City, any encounter with the U.S.S. is sure to lead to bloodshed.

Echo Six

Echo Six

“Echo Six” is the name assigned to the special squad sent in by the government.
Each member was chosen for their ability to deal with extreme conditions, in this case the contamination zone of an outbreak.

This team comprises the core of SPEC OPS’ offensive capabilities, but is operating autonomously from the rest of the group in order to find information linking Umbrella to the outbreak.


A man who knows of nothing but fighting, he is extremely loyal and shows respect to every member of his squad.
He has had a long and decorated military career, and was chosen to lead the “Echo Six” team.
He excels at being both a soldier and a leader and adheres to his own high standards of morals and ethics. He is also highly intelligent, remaining cool and calm under any circumstance.
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A boyish, highly trained recon specialist with an immense sense of pride.
She has a sharp and witty tongue, sometimes to a fault.
Formerly part of Britain’s Intelligence Agency, she resigned after getting injured during a mission.
The American government regarded her recon skills very highly, and was successful in recruiting her.
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A descendant of the Cree tribes that inhabited the central mountains of North America, she grew up in poverty on a Native American reservation in Montana.
She excelled at the intense curriculum of the SPEC OPS, establishing herself quickly among her peers.
A perfectionist, she is hard on herself and will never accept failure. Her keeps an ear to the spirits for guidance and mythical determination.
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A middle-aged man with a burly beard on his bald head and two arms sleeved with intricate tattoos.
Raised by outlaw parents, and he grew up riding shotgun in the sidecar of their motorcycle.
He joined the military to avoid prison, but established a permanent home there by saving the life of a medic during a mission and finding a calling to become a medic himself in the bargain.
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Party Girl

A young woman from South Carolina. She knows how to work her sex appeal, and often uses this asset to great effect.
Her abilities as a recon agent are equally impressive, but it is a mystery as to how she was able to become so skilled at such a young age.
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Shona grew up in Zimbabwe, studying Ebola, HIV, typhus, cholera, and staphylococcal infections with his Father, a biologist.
He eventually attended medical school and upon graduation, chose to become a military doctor.
He is often seen in quiet reflection with a solemn look on his face, most likely due to the enormous amount of death and suffering that he has witnessed thus far.
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