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Main Weapon

Primary Weapon

This is the main weapon that you use in the game.

Assault Rifle

A versatile weapon that excels in mid to long range combat. Provides good power and rate of fire.


The fastest firing weapon in your arsenal. It also tends to cause bleeding, which can trigger Blood Frenzy. However, because of its high rate of fire, it is most useful in close combat situations.


The most powerful weapon at close range, you can take out a zombie with a single shot from this gun. A single close blast to an enemy soldier will knock them down, giving you an added advantage. However, because the ammunition spreads at a wide angle, shooting from a distance is not recommended.

Machine Gun

Essentially a moveable cannon. Carries an enormous amount of ammunition which allows you to shoot for great lengths without reloading. Each shot is powerful, and it maintains its effectiveness from longer distances. However, the feedback from the gun affects accuracy, and the reload time is quite long.

Sniper Rifle

The most powerful weapon at long range. Pressing the L1 buttonLTRIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to activate the scope makes long range shooting a breeze. Each shot is extremely powerful and may knock out an enemy with one bullet in case of a headshot.

Special Weapon

Sometimes you may be able to obtain extremely powerful weapons, such as a flamethrower or grenade launcher. Because ammunition for these is limited, you will have to use them wisely. These weapons will provide you with an immense advantage, particularly in VERSUS.

You can obtain them from fallen enemies, or by destroying the locks on a weapon crate located somewhere in the map.