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CQC (Close Quarter Combat)

Engage in close quarter combat by pressing the ○ buttonB buttonQ.
Press the ○ buttonB buttonQ repeatedly to perform a combo attack.
Press the ○ buttonB buttonQ while tilting the left stickleft stickW/A/S/D towards any direction to attack in the chosen direction.

Brutal Kill

If you’ve knocked an enemy off-balance with a CQC attack, press the × buttonA buttonE to perform a brutal kill. You will finish the enemy off with one blow, but be careful, as you will be defenseless while performing it.
If you press the △ buttonY buttonLEFT CTRL while your ability gauge is full and your enemy is off-balance, you will execute a character-specific brutal kill. However, using this will drain your ability gauge, preventing you from using abilities until it is full again.

Handgun Kill

Takedown: Knock an enemy combatant to the ground with your sidearm by pressing and hold the ○ buttonB buttonQ. While you have a hold of the enemy, press the ○ buttonB buttonQ to hit them in the face, or press the R1 buttonRTLEFT MOUSE BUTTON to finish them off with your gun. Alternatively, aim at the stomach and fire a non-fatal shot causing the enemy to bleed and attract close-by zombies!

Zombie Shield

If you’ve knocked a zombie off-balance with a CQC attack, hold the ○ buttonB buttonQ to grab the zombie and use them as a shield.
This is an effective way to shield yourself from frontal attacks.
While you have a hold of them, press the R1 buttonRTLEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot your handgun, ○ buttonB buttonQ to kick the zombie away, or × buttonA buttonE to finish the zombie off.


While sprinting, press the ○ buttonB buttonQ to perform a knockdown. This will knockdown human-sized enemies to the ground. It is an effective way to force your way through a group of zombies.


Hold down the × buttonA buttonF to perform a stomp.
This is an effective move against crawling zombies, or creatures that you have knocked to the ground.
You will deal a great deal of damage, but be aware that you will be vulnerable while performing this move.