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Play against other players online.
The following modes are available:

* VERSUS can only be played while you are online.

Creating and joining a game

In VERSUS, you can choose whether or not to make the match you are hosting available for other players to join, just as in CAMPAIGN.


If you choose a PUBLIC game, you will be matched with other online players in the mode that you have selected. If no games are currently available a new one will be created.

The game will automatically begin when four or more players join.


If you choose a PRIVATE game, a new match will be created with you as the host. Only players invited to the game may join.

The game will automatically begin when two or more players join. If players for the opposing team have not joined, then the match will not begin.


You will automatically be placed in the best suited and next available online VERSUS match in any mode.


Divided into SPEC OPS and U.S.S. teams, players must strive to score the most points. Killing creatures and players from the opposing team earns points.

Using special moves like Blood Frenzy will award additional bonus points.

The team that reaches the points target within the time limit or that gets the most points, wins.


Players on each team must collect G-Virus samples scattered throughout the map and return them to the team’s base.

Whichever team collects five G-Virus samples before time expires, or has more samples collected when time expires, wins.


Players on both teams assume the identity of a heroic character from the RESIDENT EVIL series. Whichever team eliminates all the Heroes from the other team first wins.

* Players who have died or who have joined the game in-progress will spawn as standard U.S.S. or SPEC OPS characters.


Both teams will work with their teammates to survive until a rescue helicopter arrives. Because the helicopter has a limited number of seats, you may have to outwit your teammates in order to ensure your own survival and extraction.


Play through all of the game modes successively. After you complete a match, the next match will automatically be of the next game mode.