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U.S.S. stands for Umbrella Security Service.
The U.S.S. is a special team whose mission is to eliminate any targets that may link Umbrella to the outbreak.
Trained to be fiercely loyal to their commanders, only a select few in the organization know about this elite squad.
They keep all conversations, including those about missions, to a minimum and rarely display emotion even in the face of death.


The Wolfpack is the name designated for the newly formed U.S.S. Delta team, comprised of 6 members.
They are the best of the best from the U.S.S., and are often tasked with testing the latest and greatest technology that Umbrella has developed.


Nicknamed the “Wolfmother”, she is the leader of her squad and is fiercely efficient. Rarely showing emotion, she had no problem commanding respect from the male squad members.
Her excellent shooting and combat skills make her primed for the front lines.
Assault »


A U.S.S. squad member with a large, sculpted body.
He is an expert in dealing with explosives and is sure to be a key member of your squad.
Demolition »


A U.S.S. squad member who obscures his face with a large hood.
His strength is his speed and agility, aided by his svelte body structure. He can also gain use of a special suit which makes him invisible or allows him to mimic other opponents.
Recon »


A U.S.S. squad member with golden blond hair. Despite her impressive weaponry, her real asset is the medical pouch attached to her waist, as Bertha is extremely skilled in emergency First Aid.
She can gain abilities that allow her to boost the squad’s abilities and health, making her indispensible to the group.
Medic »


A U.S.S. squad member who wears a distinctive mask with large lenses.
The monitor on his right arm is used for information analysis on the battlefield.
His expertise is recon, but he is also a skilled sniper. He could be very useful in the urban setting of Raccoon City.
Surveillance »

Four Eyes

Petite on the outside, but chillingly calculating on the inside.
A chemistry freak, Four Eyes loves to research viruses and has time for little else.
Her knowledge should come in handy against zombies and other B.O.W.s.
Field Scientist »