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If a player is attacked by a B.O.W. or zombie, they may be infected with the T-Virus. If you contract the virus your health bar will turn blue and drain slowly, when your health reaches zero your health you become a zombie. Once a zombie, the character becomes uncontrollable.
In multiplayer you cannot respawn until the zombie dies.

* You can use Antiviral Spray or certain abilities to recover from an infection.

* The infected player can receive friendly fire from allies.

* While infected you suffer very little damage from enemies and many enemies ignore you.

Blood Frenzy

Players and enemy soldiers who have sustained a certain amount of damage will start to bleed, triggering a “Blood Frenzy”.
Zombies will catch on to the scent of blood and excitedly start attacking.

Certain weapons are more likely to cause bleeding than others. The player can cause enemy soldiers to bleed in order to bait zombies into attacking them.

Revive (CAMPAIGN only)

In co-op play for CAMPAIGN, you can approach fallen players or friendly AI characters and hold down the × buttonA buttonE to revive them.