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Aiming for Growth amidst Industry Expansion: Tackling Big Innovations and New Opportunities - COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto

Last year the game industry gave rise to two large technological innovations: AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)—and business utilizing these new technologies are beginning to bear fruit in substantial ways.
Both technologies are capable of delivering new experiences to consumers, and further, consumers who have played games featuring VR or smartphone games with AR functionality have been deeply satisfied with these experiences.

Each year it seems our industry creates new technologies and content-based services, while at the same time all-new players enter the market.
We operate within a growing market, and are cognizant of our mission to grow similarly by adopting new technologies and services.

In recent years, we have carried out development, sales and operations conscious of providing support for eSports, a burgeoning new business. Considering its success in the North American and Asian markets, this business presents a substantial future opportunity—thus, we are focusing energy on growing the fighting game genre within this space.
Beyond this, we have risen to a number of new challenges last year, including the release of a game in 13 different languages, in order to better meet the linguistic needs of game players worldwide.

In the past, I have stated that the Internet will awaken innovation in the game industry. I believe that great opportunities (and new businesses) will be created by collecting and analyzing the data from users playing our games, and then utilizing this Big Data in game development, operations, marketing and sales activities. In every industry it is the same: those on top are the ones that collect, analyze and utilize data via the Internet. The game industry has finally built an environment enabling this—and being able to do so skillfully will be a deciding factor in future success.
We are aiming for sustainable growth by expanding our existing businesses while also taking on new challenges and investing for the future.

We ask for the continued guidance and support of our stakeholders as we move forward.

April 1, 2017

President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Haruhiro Tsujimoto