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Focusing on further promoting our digital strategy and contributing to the growth of esports. - COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto

For the past few years digitally driven innovation has swept over the game industry, and against this backdrop, last year gave a tangible sense of Capcom's digital strategy bearing fruit.

While we have been driving our digital strategy in earnest since the 2017 release of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, we made significant progress on this strategy with last year's Monster Hunter: World, as the percentage of digital sales of the title exceeded that of physical sales.

Furthermore, in addition to our major, traditional markets, we were able to drastically grow sales in the Asian region as a result of our digital focus. We intend to leverage this success, and aim to bolster our digital sales further through promotion and marketing that provides information, including products, more efficiently and directly to game players.

Moreover, from the perspective of promoting our digital strategy, we cannot ignore the growing installation base of the PC platform. The percentage of sales for the PC versions of our titles has been increasing each year, and as such we will work to grow sales even more on this important platform.

We are also fully engaging the esports market. Last year, with the establishment of JeSU (Japan eSports Union) as a jumping-off point, the growth options in this field have increased, and the intrinsic potential of esports as the "future of sports" is now at the center of attention. Leveraging our Street Fighter brand, Capcom has promoted the Capcom Pro Tour for a number of years through Capcom U.S.A., Inc., our U.S. subsidiary. This year, we began a new endeavor with the launch of the Street Fighter League. We are taking a long-term view of esports, and with an eye toward cooperating with local governments and businesses on regional revitalization efforts, are focused on not only two- or three-year, short-term activities, but those that extend five, ten and even twenty years out, in order to promote esports well into the future.

We ask for the continued guidance and support of our stakeholders as we move forward.

February 2019

Haruhiro Tsujimoto
President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)