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Building a sound base for Capcom's next era with a resolute spirit - COO:Haruhiro Tsujimoto

There was a lot of good news in Japan last year. Abenomics fueled hopes for an economic recovery. Consumer spending and exports were strong and there were improvements in jobs and personal income. Late in the year, Tokyo was selected to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

One highlight at Capcom was the popularity of "Monster Hunter 4." Shipments reached 4 million units only two and a half months after its release. This set a new record in Japan for a third party's Nintendo 3DS title. We were also pleased that sales of our "Devil May Cry 4" pachislo machine surpassed our outlook.

At the same time, our performance reflected the momentous shifts in the composition of the entire game market caused by changes of an unprecedented magnitude. Two key trends are the popularity of smartphones and tablets and the increasingly social nature of games. Moreover, advances in networks are causing software sales to move from packaged products to digital distribution. This is why Capcom must concentrate on both the quality of our content as well as our services. The outlook for the game industry is bright. Strong sales last year of new game consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One point to even more demand for software.

Enormous changes like these are excellent opportunities for Capcom. We are aiming to maximize earnings by concentrating on three strategies. First is the multi-platform strategy of supplying content for all types of hardware. Second is the Single Content Multiple Usage strategy for using our content in a variety of media. Third is the global strategy with the goal of increasing our market share worldwide. Additionally, we have established the goal of upgrading development activities in the growing online market. Our target is online business sales of at least ¥30 billion in the fiscal year ending in March 2015.

As the chief operating officer, my role is to manage Capcom with a resolute spirit. I am determined to overcome challenges of all types in order to move forward with a resolute spirit. I want to create the foundation for making Capcom a company that can adapt quickly to rapid changes in our markets. We will fully utilize Capcom's core strength of developing content brimming with creativity. Using this stance will allow us to supply games that bring enjoyment to people around the world.

I am confident that Capcom will have many accomplishments in 2014 as we continue to make progress toward our goals.

President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Haruhiro Tsujimoto