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We aim to have a year of steady growth, firmly based on our new structure and demonstrating the successful results of the restructuring we have undertaken to date - CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto

Over the course of last year we undertook a fundamental reform of our overseas sales organization, outsourcing and organizational structure in our development division. We have reflected deeply on the special losses recorded in each of the past two years, and have managed to achieve some degree of success in improving our profitability as a result of the fundamental restructuring of the entire company.

The games market is facing a period of change that is coinciding with a transition to a new generation of hardware, but the increased diffusion of digital download contents and the regional expansion deriving from PC online games and mobile contents are steadily expanding the business opportunities available for Capcom.

Since 2013 Capcom has been concentrating on building its "60-month map" and "52-week map" systems, and has been making great efforts with improving the efficiency of our development division and enhancing the visibility of our personnel deployment. In the midst of a rapidly changing market environment, we have been returning to our fundamental strengths in creating the ‘high-quality and interesting content' that form the basis of Capcom's creativity and ability to make the kind of products that will delight all its users to a greater extent than before.

Moreover, since last summer's global restructuring in our sales department, we have been pressing ahead with marketing initiatives and projections, derived from the marketing strategy committee meetings to achieve our aims in areas including: (1) our digital download strategy; (2) our mobile strategy; (3) our online strategy; and (4) our brand contents strategy.

In addition, we have built an entirely new structure that includes the changes in our development and marketing organizations and companywide reorganization in areas such as personnel and compensation systems.

For 2015, along with this new structure, we plan to achieve stable growth by seizing the business chances available to us in the steadily expanding game market.

Given that the market environment is evolving daily, we must strive to renew the spirit with which we need to continue to develop our business in a logical manner, both by eliminating irrational elements in our operation and by constantly keeping our sights upon Capcom's future.

I sincerely hope that we will continue to receive your support and guidance in our drive to create a Capcom that can continue to transmit new value perspectives to all our stakeholders.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Kenzo Tsujimoto