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CEO's Message

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Equipped with a business model for a new era, we are more excited than ever to soar ahead - CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto

Please allow me to begin by wishing everyone a Happy New Year.
We released "Monster Hunter X (Cross)" at the close of last year to widespread praise from our users, and it is thanks to them that we concluded the year on a high note. Along with completing a new R&D building, we have an exciting lineup of titles in store for everyone in 2016, beginning with "Street Fighter V"; I'm certain this will be a year of even greater heights for Capcom.

The structural reforms we began in 2013 are now at a stage of general completion. In terms of our organizational framework, on the whole we are moving forward closely in step. We have completed putting in place our systems for expanding our title lineup—the "60-month Map" and "52-week Map"—and are making efficient use of the more than 100 developers we hire each fiscal year, positioning us to deliver results by beginning full-fledged operations moving forward.

On the other hand, we are aware that a number of challenges remain regarding our content branding and success in the mobile and online arenas. Mobile market has entered a new era, and with children growing more engrossed in their enjoyment of mobile games and devices we expect this to be a promising market for us. Our commitment to continuing to develop games for core users around the world will not change; however, in considering the potential of the mobile market we must continuously rise to the challenge of delighting both younger players and light users with our IP. Branding also opens up a new world to us, where we develop content based on product concepts created to suit the needs of consumers. We will work to establish brands for the next generation, based upon our imaginative and creative ideas.

Further, on the premise of gaining a resolution at our General Meeting of Shareholders, in 2016 we plan to transition to a Company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee, with the aim of strengthening transparency and the supervisorial function of our board of directors. From the perspective of corporate governance as well, we are progressing with the establishment of a system to further spur the growth of Capcom.

All of us here work rationally to increase profits, which we then pass on to all of our shareholders as well as to our employees. This is our company's source of sustenance. With this idea as our base, crafting excellent products while we boldly challenge new frontiers such as cutting-edge technologies will support the future growth of Capcom.

I too wish to make this a year of exceptional progress and will continue to play an ever more active role.

To all of our stakeholders, I ask for your continued ardent support as Capcom progresses onward in delivering new value.

January 7, 2016

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Kenzo Tsujimoto