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As a frontrunner in the ever-changing game industry, we create world-class products. - CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto

Looking at the global markets, US-China trade friction last year was a source of future uncertainty for the world economy; however, the market environment surrounding Capcom is quite favorable. By way of example, in Japan's foremost financial newspaper, the Nikkei, the amusement industry was one of just four industries to be given a rating of "fair weather" in that newspaper's "weather forecast" for 30 major industries. In addition to a focus on major video game software, the article pointed out elements such as major esports events and the continued popularity of prize merchandiser games at arcades among families and inbound tourists, highlighting expectations for the amusement industry overall.

Last year, the success of Monster Hunter: World caused the world to evaluate us in a new light. In order to live up to these expectations going forward, as a forerunner of the ever-changing game industry, we will work to deliver enjoyment to people the world over by continuing to create globally competitive games that capture the hearts of game players.

We humbly ask our stakeholders for their continued support as we pursue value through continued innovation.

February 2019

Kenzo Tsujimoto
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)