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As an Industry Leader, We will continue to Deliver Growth through Our World-class Products and Single Content Multiple Usage Strategy - CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto

Last year we focused our efforts on reexamining our operations and navigating new markets in order to establish a new business foundation.

The game market has tripled in size in five years, driven primarily by the substantial contributions of mobile games. The consumer games market should hit its stride, thanks to the broad penetration of current-generation consoles as well as to the release of new hardware. I also believe the mobile market is positioned for drastic change.

As you know, Consumer Games, Mobile Games and Pachislo are the three pillars of Capcom's business.
In addition to this, we possess a wealth of popular content, which includes our past IP. Leveraging these properties into other media such as film and movies is what we do best.
We have expanded our lineup of titles by creating new content and reutilizing past works. This has been carried out according to our 60-month and 52-week roadmaps. We will continue to develop content with a fastidious attention to detail, strengthening our brand with high-quality titles that enjoy long lives in the market. Further, given that mobile games are poised to undergo a drastic change, we will aim to boost the speed of Capcom's growth by first building out a foundation in this market over the next three to five years.

Our future outlook for the game industry is growth, and companies unable to adapt to the changes accompanying this growth will not last.
However, along with creating world-class products, Capcom is on the cutting-edge of technology. We will continue to aim for growth as an industry leader, leveraging our content into other mediums such as mobile and movies, while pursuing our Single Content Multiple Usage strategy.

We humbly ask our stakeholders for their continued support, as we pursue the creation of new value.

April 1, 2017

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Kenzo Tsujimoto