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Financial and Non-Financial Highlights

Non-Financial Highlights

Human Capital

Content Developers (People)

2,052 people /150people UP

Graph: Content Developers

Developers engaged in the creation of content—the source of our competitive advantage—account for 70% of all Capcom employees. To promote our core Single Content Multiple Usage strategy, we strive to retain talented developers through aggressive hiring and training efforts, resulting in a nearly three-fold increase in developers in the past 10 years. Above all, switching to a structure focused on internal production in the fiscal year ended March 2012 to strengthen and streamline development has enabled us to add approximately 100 new developers each year.


Making the Workplace Comfortable for Women

Capcom is engaged in improving the employment environment for women, promoting projects in which both women and men participate and the proactive hiring of non-Japanese employees. In particular, with respect to improving the employment environment for women, we have introduced systems that promote the utilization of paid leave before and after childbirth, childcare leave and shortened working hours. In fiscal 2016, we promoted the establishment of childcare facilities within the company. Although the Japanese game industry is characterized as a "man's world," approximately 20% of our development staff are women, and women account for 10.3% of employees in management positions.

Production Capital

Software Shipments by Hardware Manufacturer (Thousands of units)


3.8 million units/1.1 million units UP


4.2 million units /0.3 million units UP


6.5 million units /0.5 million units DOWN

Graph: Software Shipments by Hardware Manufacturer

In the Digital Contents business, Capcom has established a basic "multiplatform strategy" aimed at providing content for all game platforms (hardware), ensuring steady sales of software for all types of hardware. Since the fiscal year ended March 2005, hardware has become increasingly diverse amid the accelerating spread of each type of hardware in various regions. By providing titles based on hardware prevalence and attributes, we maximize sales opportunities.


Construction of R&D Building #2 Completed in January 2016

With a simple and functional design, R&D Building #2 contains the latest equipment, including one of the largest motion capture studios in Japan, and incorporates a seismic-absorbing structure designed to guard against earthquakes and other natural disasters. In addition, we continue to hire approximately 100 developers each year to expand our title lineup and promote growth strategies. In conjunction with our existing R&D building, this new building consolidates the development department and heightens development mobility and leadership, promoting enhanced development structure efficiency.

Intellectual Capital

Cumulative Million-Seller Titles (Titles)

71 titles /6 titles UP

Graph: Cumulative Million-Seller Titles

Capcom boasts world-leading development capabilities, as evidenced by our numerous intellectual properties. Our content is popular around the world, and up to now, a total of over 70 titles have sold over one million units. In order to increase our brand value and profitability, we leverage this in-house produced capital across a wide range of media, including PC Online and Mobile, pachislo machines, movies and toys in promoting our Single Content Multiple Usage strategy.


Mega Hit Monster Hunter X (Cross) Sells 3.3 Million Units

The Monster Hunter series features hunting action games in which players face off against giant monsters in magnificent natural settings, and is one of the most popular IPs in Japan. Monster Hunter X (Cross), released in the fiscal year under review, maintained the series' world and game characteristics while offering a diverse and free playing style that proved popular, resulting in sales of 3.3 million units. Once again, the series ongoing evolution continues to appeal to new users, increasing brand value over the long-term.

Social Capital

Number of Company Visit Supported and On-Site Classes Conducted (Times)

55回/4回 DOWN

Graph: Number of Company Visit Supported and On-Site Classes Conducted

Video games are a comparatively new cultural phenomenon about which there is little academic research. Rather than examining educational aspects, there is a strong focus on the detrimental effects of violent content. At the same time, game developer is a popular career choice. Given these conditions, Capcom proactively conducts on-site classes and company visits for elementary and middle school students to teach them about working at a video game company and the healthy relationship with video games.As of the fiscal year ended March 2016, 9,095 children and students have participated in a total of 91 activities.


Game Industry Group Participation in the Formulation of Voluntary Regulations and Awareness Activities

In line with the recent rapid growth in games for smartphones, there are increasing needs to further strengthen the establishment of the game usage environment. Thus, as a member of the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA), Capcom participated in the formulation of guidelines for the management of methods providing random items in networked games. We proactively participate in promoting the understanding of voluntary regulations and engage in awareness activities to ensure games are played with safety and peace of mind.

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