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To Our Stakeholders (From the CEO & COO)

Promoting Growth Strategies and Governance Reforms Aimed at Enhancing Corporate Value

Creating Entertaining Games that Continue to Excite People Around the World—
This is the cornerstone of Capcom’s business activities and the source of our corporate value. Through our business activities, we bring the Company economic benefits while providing society with new value. We believe the value of a corporation stems from shared value creation.

As the game market expands globally, in addition to pursuing short-term profit, Capcom is promoting growth strategies from a medium- to long-term perspective in order to continue enhancing corporate value into the future.

Going forward, we will transform our fundamental revenue model from a one-time sale "transactional model" to an ongoing "recurring revenue model," while at the same time thoroughly executing our Single Content Multiple Usage strategy and constructing a portfolio to achieve stable earnings. We will also engage in governance reforms to control risks that increase proportionally with the acceleration of our growth strategies, thoroughly implement management visualization and systemization and create a structure enabling rational management decisions based on an institutional design with external directors at its core.

Furthermore, we will make an effort to strengthen non-financial capital not reflected in quantitative data.
In addition to enhancing Capcom's highly original content, the source of our competitive edge, and the development structure that creates it, we will build positive relationships with business partners, regional communities, employees and a variety of stakeholders among other important "capital" comprising Capcom corporate value.

Through these various initiatives, we believe we can contribute to shareholder and investor profits by becoming a company of sustainable growth.

Diagram: Corporate Value Enhancement

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