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ESG Information

  Key Internal Regulations Achievements Future challenges
  • Follow relevant laws and ordinances concerning the environment when engaging in all corporate activities, including the development, manufacturing, sale, distribution, and disposal of products and services.
  • The construction of new environmentally-friendly buildings
  • The reduction of resources used and exhaust gas via distribution network sharing with other companies in the industry
  • The reduction of paper resources used through the digitization of instruction manuals
  • Increasing energy conservation at existing buildings through renovation
  • Increasing energy conservation of operations as amusement facilities
  • Respect the human rights of each and every employee and do not engage in discrimination or any behavior linked to discrimination.
  • Value the individuality of each person from the standpoint of respect for people and aim for the creation of a company which is fair, cheerful, and easy to work in.
  • Understand and comply with the content and goals of labor laws and other relevant laws and ordinances together with striving to maintain a safe and hygienic work environment.
  • In accordance with relevant laws and ordinances, disclose accurately and in a timely manner management and corporate information such as the state of Capcom's financial affairs and business activities to shareholders and investors.
  • Always strive to improve customer satisfaction, observe laws and ordinances concerning safety, and give sufficient consideration to the safety and quality of the products Capcom provides.
  • As a good corporate citizen of the regional community, proactively conduct social contribution activities, cultural support activities, and activities which support sports and health.
  • The active employment of non-Japanese citizens
  • Increased number of women in management positions
  • The implementation of staff training
  • Education for employees concerning compliance
  • The holding of Health and Safety Committee meetings
  • Increased dialogue with shareholders
  • Compliance with the CERO ratings system
  • The endorsement of the "Administrative Guidelines for Random Item Provision Systems in Smartphone Games"
  • Regional revitalization activities making use of Capcom content
  • Support for senior citizen community formation such as video game arcade tours
  • Increasing the percentage of women in management positions
  • Creating an even easier environment to work in such as with the establishment of daycare centers
  • The operation of amusement facilities aimed at all ages
  • Increasing the number of opportunities for persons in charge of development to converse with the market
  • Always pay attention to information such as the establishment and revision of laws and ordinances, consider the content of the same and their influence on corporate conduct, and take measures to ensure rapid and accurate response, including with regards to changes to internal regulations.
  • Transitioning towards a company with an audit and supervisory committee
  • Raising the ratio of external directors
  • The establishment of a nominating committee (voluntary)
  • The effective operation of the audit and supervisory committee company system
  • Analysis and evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the board of directors meetings
  • The establishment of a meeting for the purpose of information exchange between independent external directors
  • The setting of director remuneration with regards to medium- to long-term growth.
  • The formulation of corporate governance guidelines
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