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Annual Report (Integrated Report) Archives

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Integrated Report 2016

Integrated Report 2016

Integrated Report 2016 (By section)

Capcom's Value Creation Activities
Message from Management
Growth Strategy
Business Activity Achievements
ESG Information
Financial and Corporate Data
Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

*Available only online this year

Separate volume: The Latest Development Report 2016

  • Yoichi Egawa
    Director and Executive Corporate Officer
  • Jun Takeuchi
    Managing Corporate Officer
    Head of Consumer Games Development Division 1
  • Technologies Underpinning the Development
RE ENGINE Tomofumi Ishida
3D Scanning Makoto Fukui
Virtual Reality Kazuhiro Takahara
Localization Miguel E. Corti
  • Joe Nickolls
    Studio Director
    Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, Inc.
  • Miwa Hara
    Senior Manager
    Section 3, Department 1, Consumer Games Development Division 1
  • Kento Kinoshita
    Section 2, Department 4, Consumer Games Development Division 3


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Annual Report Request Method

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