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Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental CSR Initiatives

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New Building Innovations

10% Reduction in CO2 Emissions Throughout Our New Buildings

The new R&D Building #2 and Capcom Technical Center utilize the energy-conserving equipment indicated below. As a result, we expect to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 10%*overall.

■ Energy-Conserving Effects of R&D Building #2 and Technical Center Equipment*

1. Exterior thermal insulation

5% reduction

2. LED lighting

40% reduction

3. Motion/daylight sensors
(Only motion sensors installed
in R&D Building #2)

20% reduction
4. Air conditioning/heating monitors 30% reduction

5. Displacement air conditioning system
(Motion capture studio)

40% reduction

Note: Assumes energy consumption of 100% without introduction of this equipment.

Innovations in Product Distribution

Sharing Distribution Networks with Other Companies in the Same Industry

Sharing distribution networks with other companies in the same industry when shipping products enables the efficient supply of products. As a result, we are able to realize reductions in packing materials, fuel and emissions.

Paperless Instruction Manuals

Older game consoles included a printed instruction manual inside the package, but with current game consoles, manuals are now included as data within the software in an attempt to save paper. This enables us to eliminate approximately 15 million game units' worth of paper shipped annually.