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Management Plan

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As the operating environment in the game content industry is constantly changing, we formulated the five-year timeframe for achieving Medium-term business goals by accelerating specific initiatives for growth.

Medium-Term Business Plan

Based on our management in five-year units and our performance in relation to our medium-term goal, we have established the following new medium-term goals.

Targets (cumulative) for 5 years starting FY ending March 2014

Targets(cumulative) for 5 years starting FY2013 (ending March 2014)

Plans by Business Segments

(ending March 31)
Cumulative Operating Income
(ending March 31)
Operating Margins
Digital Contents business 57.0 billion yen 22%
Arcade Operations business 8.5 billion yen 15%
Amusement Equipments business 20.0 billion yen 27%
Other Businesses 5.5billion yen 45%
Total 70.0 billion yen 20%

ROE Achievements and Goals

[ROE Achievements and Goals]

Growth Strategies to achive Midium-Term Plan

In response to the changing market environment, and to achieve our medium-term business goals, Capcom has outlined three major strategies for growth, which are: "Consumer Business Expansion" and "Overhaul the Online Business".

Ratio of Sales by Business
[Growth Business] Digital Contents 68%

Consumer Business Expansion

Consumer Business Expansion/ Strengthen digital downloads (full-game/add-on)/ Pursue new technologies and businesses

Overhaul the Online Business

Strengthen development structure via the newly established Mobile Business Division/ Promote business alliances in Asian region

Financial Result of FY ended March 2015

  • Net Sales: 77,021 million yen (19.8% UP from the previous fiscal year)
  • Operating Income: 12,029 million yen(13.% UP from the previous fiscal year)
  • Net Income Attributable to Owners of the Parent: 7,745 million yen(17.1% UP from the previous fiscal year)
  • Operating Margins: 15.6%(0.9 point DOWN from the previous fiscal year)

In the year ended March 31, 2016, operating income grew for the third straight year, with net sales of 77.021 billion yen (up 19.8% from the previous fiscal year), operating income of 12.029 billion yen (up 13.7% from the previous fiscal year) and net income attributable to owners of the parent of 7.745 billion yen (up 17.1% from the previous fiscal year).

Primary Factors for Sales and Profit Growth

  • 1. Monster Hunter X (Cross) proved extremely popular, surpassing 3.3 million unit sales

  • 2. Sales grew for HD versions of past hits such as Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster

  • 3. Catalog sales expanded via downloads

Fulfilling Our Commitment

Commitment Results
Projected total combined sales of 4.5 million units for Monster Hunter X (Cross) and Street Fighter V Achieved cumulative 4.7 million units sold
(2) Projected net sales of 9 billion yen through digital downloads business Achieved Net sales 4.1 billion yen/ Operating margin over 20%
(3) Make Monster Hunter Explore a hit Achieved Surpassed 3 million downloads
(4) Projected operating income of 3 billion yen for pachislo machines compliant with revised pachislo model certification methods Not achieved Achieved operating income of 2.8 billion yen

Regarding the four issues raised at the beginning of the fiscal year, to begin with, two core titles sold 4.7 million units, exceeding initial projections of 4.5 million units. Compared to initial projections of nine billion yen for digital download sales, results were 10.9 billion yen. Moreover, downloads of Monster Hunter Explore exceeded three million. However, some pachislo machines in the Amusement Equipments business struggled, falling short of the three billion yen operating income forecast at 2.8 billion yen.

New Commitment for Next Fiscal Year

Next fiscal year (ending March 31, 2017), we expect operating income to increase for the fourth year in a row, with net sales of 85 billion (up 10.4% from the previous fiscal year), operating income of 13.6 billion yen (up 13.1% from the previous fiscal year) and net income attributable to owners of the parent of nine billion yen (up 16.2% from the previous fiscal year).

Foundation for next year's plan

  • (1) Projecting net sales of 59 billion yen (up 12.2% YOY) and operating income of 14.3 billion yen (up 17.5% YOY) in the Digital Contents business

    We plan to turnaround Mobile and PC Online while focusing on the launch of three major titles in Consumer

  • (2) Projecting net sales of 15 billion yen (up 12.4% YOY) in the Amusement Equipments business

    We plan to sell 55 thousand machines (up 13 thousand YOY) with a bolstered lineup featuring four pachislo titles

Commitment for the Next fiscal Year

(1) Four consecutive fiscal years of growth Consolidated operating income of 13.6 billion yen
(2) Further strengthen our digital downloads business, which is crucial to our growth strategy Projecting net sales of 14 billion yen for digital downloads
(3) Release major Consumer titles 3 titles totaling 8 million units in sales
(4) Expand our lineup of popular pachislo machines Projecting sales of 55 thousand machines

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