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Financial Results

Our consolidated results for the fiscal year ended March 2016 brought an increase in both revenue and profit, primarily in thanks to the steady performance of core titles in the Digital Contents and Amusement Equipments businesses.

”Monster Hunter 4G” is a Solid Hit

(Unit: Millions of yen)
  FY 2014 FY2015 Compared to
previous period
Revenue 64,277 77,021 19.8% decrease
Operating Profit 10,582 12,029 13.7% increase
Net income
attributable to owners of the parent
6,616 7,745 17.1% increase

Management Index

  • Net Sales
    The fiscal year ended March 2016 saw an increase in revenue of approximately 20% compared to the last fiscal year, thanks to the release of major titles such as "Monster Hunter X (Cross)" from the Consumer sub-segment of the Digital Contents business, and the “Resident Evil 6” pachislo machine from the Amusement Equipments business.
  • Operating Income
    In the fiscal year ended March 2016, profits rose year-over-year due to contributions from major Consumer titles in the Digital Contents business and growth of highly profitable digital download sales.
  • Net Income (Loss)
    In the fiscal year ended in March 2015, we began seeing the results of development organization reforms conducted during the previous three years while the special losses posted in the fiscal years ended March 2013 and 2014 were eliminated, resulting in two consecutive years of increased income.
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