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Our Strengths

Capcom's strength lays primarily in, 1) our library of major, global IPs, 2) our world-leading technological and developmental capabilities, and 3) our Single Content, Multiple Usage strategy via which we leverage our popular brands across a variety of mediums.

1. Capcom's Library of Major, Global IP

Since our inception in 1983, we have produced game after game in original genres. From "Street Fighter" to "Resident Evil," and "Monster Hunter" as well, we own a vast library of game IPs that have overcome the boundaries of country, region and culture to capture the hearts of fans the world over.

2. World-leading Technological and Developmental Capabilities

Our company possesses superior technological capabilities helping us to produce original content; we don't rely on licensed properties from other companies.

In addition to MT Framework, which standardizes development over multiple platforms such as Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii and Nintendo 3DS , we are moving forward with the utilization of our latest integrated development engine for the new generation of platforms such as PS4 and Xbox One in order to further streamline game creation. Beyond further improvements to game quality and getting the most performance out of new-generation platforms, our latest development engine will provide greater efficiencies by optimizing development with features such as cutting-edge graphic support and workflow improvements.

Shortening the Development Cycle with the "MT Framework"

3. Single Content, Multiple Usage Strategy

We are able to reap the benefits of multiple revenue streams thanks to the incredible latent potential of our titles that allows them to transcend the medium of games and be leveraged into a wide array of businesses, including movies, theatrical plays, publishing and merchandising. We will continue to employ our Single Content, Multiple Usage Strategy with the aim of maximizing revenue.

Single Content, Multiple Usage Strategy

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