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Future Prospects

It is within the radically changing game industry that we aim to bring our corporate philosophy to life, formulating our strategies and management policies with our eyes set squarely on the medium and long term in order to achieve sustained, stable growth.

Our Vision

Our guiding principle is to be a creator of entertainment culture that excites people and stimulates their senses. In continuing to develop highly creative content, we aim to be a unique company whose world-class development capabilities gain the adoration of fans from all corners of the globe.

Our Vision

Medium-Term Business Plan

Capcom has set the following medium term goals for the five year period between the years ending March 2014 and March 2018.

(1) Cumulative operating income: 70 billion yen, (2)Operating margin of 20% in fiscal year ending March 2018

Outlined below is our overall two-point growth strategy for succeeding in our medium term goals.

[Consumer Business Expansion] Strengthen Digital Download Contents/ Expand Title Lineup through the Full-Fledged Operation of the 60-Month Title Development Plan/ [Online Business Expansion] Multiplatform Expansion for Social Games/ Online Business Expansion Overseas/ Strengthen Development Workforce

Issues to be addressed

Major issues to be addressed taking in consideration surrounding business environments and future market trends:

Selection and concentration with respect to development investment

Expansion and arrangement of development environment

Expansion of digital download contents

Strengthening PC online game development

Strengthening Mobile Content business

Promotion of Pachinko & Pachislo Equipment and other related Amusement Equipments business

Development and aggressive promotion of Character Contents business

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