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Individual Investors

Get a straightforward explanation of Capcom's strengths, financial results and future strategy to gain deeper insight into our activities in the entertainment industry.

Capcom's Businesses and Shareholder Returns Policy at a Glance

Capcom's ESG Activities at a Glance

CEO Interview

Capcom explains the results of our activities in environment, social and governance.

Investor Infomation Sessions

Investor Infomation Sessions

[March 30, 2018]

*Japanese only

Market Data

Market Data

Take a look at the market trends surrounding each of Capcom's businesses.

Capcom's History

A brief look back from our company's founding up through the present.

General Shareholders' Meeting

Here you can download PDF versions of notices of convocation, voting results and notices of resolutions.


Integrated Report 2019

In our Integrated Report, Capcom's CEO and COO give detailed explanations of our growth strategy and business model for sustainable growth, based on our corporate philosophy of providing happiness to people through game content, while the head of R&D explains development organization and management methodologies.

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Video and Audio Library
Watch videos detailing our company and financial results.

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Make use of our FAQ and Glossary to get quick answers to your questions.

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