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Developer Interview 2013

06. Director and Executive Corporate Officer in charge of Consumer Games Business / Katsuhiko Ichii / After integrating marketing, appointed as Managing Corporate Officer in 2006. From April 2011, appointed as General Manager of Consumer Entertainment Business Management Group and integrator of Consumer Games Development, focusing on restructuring development organization and global development. At current post since June 2011.

Secret to enhancing brand value and creating new content - Need for "synergy" and "originality"

- Moving on, I was wondering if you could tell us Capcom's policies for creating new games.
Essentially we have two policies: Because we're involved in the field of entertainment, the first would be to "always create new content". Our second policy is to enhance our existing brands in a way that enables us to "always exceed the expectations of users". Putting these policies into practice is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of things that need to be considered, such as technological capabilities and business models. I place the greatest emphasis on whether content offers something that is original or unique. I believe this sense of "originality" is a determining factor in the value and appeal of a brand, and it is what motivates an individual to purchase the product. Technological prowess is no more than a means, and making full use of simply that does not mean you are going to beat the competition in the market. The first thing that needs to be laid out is the vision for a title. Once that is done, the next thing is to deliver unique content for each target region.
- So, you feel it's imperative to conduct marketing activities carefully adapted to each area?
Definitely. We need to step back and ask ourselves this basic, fundamental question: What is it about our brands that captivates users? Once we answer that question, we must organize our brands. To this end, there is a need for a comprehensive approach to managing things such as reviewing our game development structure, adjusting the timing for releasing titles, and developing media other than games. We live in an age where platforms and technology change every day. Faced with this reality, I believe what we need most in the end is the strength that resides within our "contents". We are aiming to establish a structure that will enable us to firmly establish our brands in each target region.
- Are you currently working to create new content?
Yes. Along with "deep down", we also intend to come up with new brands for mobile and PC online games.
- Do you think a greater burden will be placed on the development divisions?
When we need to play catch up with the significant changes that have come about, there's no doubt that a certain burden will be placed on the department divisions. Capcom is a company that deals with entertainment. We are also a supplier. Thus, I feel we have no choice but to continue embracing challenges in the quest for something new.
I often say that people eventually get tired of the same old thing. We have a responsibility to constantly create things that go beyond what people have become used to.
- So to do that, you feel there's a need to enhance your existing production structure and work collaboratively.
Yes. Capcom has undergone a lot of change in our three decades of existence. We started off in Osaka, but now have approximately 300 people working in development at our office in Tokyo. When you include our operations overseas, there are 250 staff members at our office in Vancouver, along with colleagues in Korea and Taiwan. These facts clearly demonstrate our potential for even greater development. Our employees and partners in these regions have accumulated a lot of experience on their own over the last 30 years, and they are working to pool their strengths to provide people with new ways to play games. For Capcom, I feel this dramatic period of change is unlike any we've ever experienced.
- Thank you for all this wonderful insight. Any closing comments for our readers?
Like I said before, our company has come to a significant turning point. Drawing upon the development capabilities and synergy shared by our subsidiaries, we aim to actively distribute definitive Capcom contents to people around the world. I believe the results of these efforts will become apparent with the successive release of our new titles over the year. Get ready to be amazed.

As there’s no form of entertainment that people don’t get tired of, we need to
constantly challenge ourselves

One of my seniors once told me for this reason in this industry we need to constantly challenge ourselves, and that’s the truth. No matter how much of a hit something is, people will tire of it at some point. Always looking to provide something new is one of the preconditions of business at Capcom.

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