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Developer Interview 2013

06. Director and Executive Corporate Officer in charge of Consumer Games Business / Katsuhiko Ichii / After integrating marketing, appointed as Managing Corporate Officer in 2006. From April 2011, appointed as General Manager of Consumer Entertainment Business Management Group and integrator of Consumer Games Development, focusing on restructuring development organization and global development. At current post since June 2011.

Expansion of another market   Employing regional strategies to beat the competition in the global development of games

- I was wondering if you could tell us about the individual regional strategies you have for global development.
In North America Capcom faces fierce competition in the home video game market, but we'll continue to put out high-powered content. We intend to enhance our marketing and game development capabilities for next-gen consoles and develop games which attract more users.
- What about your strategies for Japan and other Asian countries?
In Japan, we have sold a wide variety of unique titles which have done well domestically. Chief among these is the "Monster Hunter" series, while this past fiscal year we also released "Sengoku BASARA 4" and "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies -". In the summer of 2011, Capcom established a subsidiary in Taiwan and began marketing the browser-based game "Onimusha Soul", which has become more popular than we originally anticipated. Our subsidiary company in Korea is currently developing PC online games. Looking at our game development structure, we believe we've successfully set up a system for globally distinct development through our subsidiaries in Japan, North America and Europe, and Asia. We will strive to identify and match up the target markets and user groups for each title and brand to get the most out of this structure.
- How have developments been progressing in China?
Right now we're working with Tencent Inc. to develop "Monster Hunter Online". In China, we haven't made any direct forays into the market, but instead have worked through our partners there.
- What about emerging countries in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia and Thailand?
Definitely. We'd like to enter these markets and create new outlets for generating revenue. At this time we're planning to work through our subsidiary in Hong Kong and distribute smartphone games.
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