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Developer Interview 2013

02. Senior Manager of Produce Section, P&S Software Development Department,P&S Business Division / Kentaro Ono / Entered the P&S Business Division after developing home video game software. Currently in charge of conceiving of titles for development based on the medium-term plan, formulating budget and management as senior management of the Produce Section

Two Capcom-brand machines will be released during this fiscal year. Having adjusted and improved the development line with the aim of releasing a single machine per quarter.

- I'd like to ask a question about your outsourced machines. Could you please tell us about the latest situation of their titles?
The sales of "Monster Hunter" and "Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Sairin", the titles released by RODEO Co., Ltd., continue to perform well.
- Please let us know about the release schedule of outsourced titles during the fiscal year ending March 2014.
As this matter involves other companies, we cannot clearly outline the schedule. We plan to release several machines.
- Then, how about the future expansion of Capcom's own brand?
Moving forward, we'll continue to adopt the existing strategy of making effective use of our own content—one of Capcom's strengths—and we intend to develop machines equipped with the innovative and original systems that Capcom has cultivated through development. "DEVIL MAY CRY 4" goes into full-scale operation in September 2013, and a new machine will be released in the second half of the fiscal year.
- So two Capcom-brand machines will be released into the market during this fiscal year, right?
That's right. We now aim to establish a structure in which we're able to release one machine per quarter in the near future. To reach this goal, we're now improving and organizing our in-house development structures.

- Do you plan to develop original series for pachislo?
We'd like to develop original titles in the future. However, supplying title series that are expected to generate stable sales is what we now focus on as our top priority.
- In closing, is there anything else you would like to tell our stakeholders and fans?
Based on Single Content Multiple Usage Strategy, we'll continue to draw on our home video game content to develop the products that fans expect from Capcom. During the fiscal year ending March, 2014, we plan to release several titles. Toward the future expansion of our development line, we're preparing flexibly adapt our structures. Our P&S Business Division is aiming and striving to serve as Capcom's future primary revenue source.

Consider general consensus, not just preferences

In order to outstrip the intensifying competition between gaming machine manufacturers, it is necessary to select the best elements for people based on a close examination of market trends. There's a tendency to emphasize one's own preferences in development, so I always place importance on objectivity.

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