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Developer Interview 2013

02. Senior Manager of Produce Section, P&S Software Development Department,P&S Business Division / Kentaro Ono / Entered the P&S Business Division after developing home video game software. Currently in charge of conceiving of titles for development based on the medium-term plan, formulating budget and management as senior management of the Produce Section

Capcom has achieved record-breaking sales for "Resident Evil 5", which was fully prepared and then put into the market.

- "Resident Evil 5", Capcom's sixth brand machine, has sold approximately 48,000 units as of the end of March, 2013, to become a mega hit. What do you think is the reason behind the massive success?
We can list a few reasons for this. One of the reasons is because the brand "Resident Evil" has already been built on a solid track record in the pachislo market, obtaining market recognition to some extent. Another is that the machine contains the industry's first moving liquid crystal screen, "Movision".
- Is it the mechanism located on the right side of the reels?
That's right. It will move up and down, work in conjunction with the main LCD to become a larger screen, or move in tandem with the reels to become the fourth reel. We'd say that we have succeeded in proposing new effects through this mechanism.
- The machine chassis is marked by the left-right asymmetric shape.
The chassis is designed exclusively for "Resident Evil 5" and is named "Pandemic", based on the game worldview in which viruses are widely spread through infection. The name also reflects our desire to make the "Resident Evil 5" machine itself disseminated throughout Japan.
- Did the incorporation of such characteristic gimmicks into machines lead to an increase in the development cost?
Because "Resident Evil 5" is not designed as a general pachislo machine, the development cost is higher than that of traditional machines. For Capcom, a comparative newcomer to the market, the most important thing is to differentiate itself in the industry. Taking on challenges, which competitors never try to address, is therefore necessary for us, and we've put a very aggressive strategy into practice.
- I understand.
The inner part of the machine has distinct features, in addition to appearance. One is the mechanism "spreading and variation", in which there is an increase in the number of games—just like how cells increase through cell division. Another is "UROBOROS MODE". When the machine enters this mode, the odds of rare small winnings are higher. We believe that matching these innovative mechanisms with the worldview of "Resident Evil" has enabled the machine to attract a great deal of attention.
- There are certain standards for the odds, right?
Yes. There are the outlined standards, which are fixed by regulations. Therefore, the keys to making the machine a hot-seller are finely balanced settings such as the allocation of opportunities to acquire payout and the timing of the effects. These settings are not required to remain the same all the time, but rather must be adjusted depending on prevailing trends.
- Are there user's needs to play a machine with more interesting and exciting effects?
We'd think there are such demands. Even though some machines have the same capabilities to acquire payout, each has its own distinguished features when it comes to video imagery, the effects methods, and the rules to increase opportunities to acquire payout. These trends also change every year.
- Regarding those points, "Resident Evil 5" has succeeded in grabbing the interest of the market.
We're pleased to announce that we were awarded the Grand Pachislo Prize at the "Pachislo & Slot Award 2013" by Nihon Yugikanren Jigyo Kyokai. One of the reasons that made the machine a hit is that it was released in a timely fashion. The machine was launched onto the market at nearly the same time as the release of the game console title for "Resident Evil 6" and the opening of the Hollywood version of the movie and CG film. This also helps to enhance people's awareness of "Resident Evil".
- "Resident Evil 5" is one of the successful cases of Single Content Multiple Usage Strategy.
Bringing a pachislo machine to the market at a targeted time is difficult because a machine must undergo an exam before its release. We're happy to release on appropriate time.
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