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Developer Interview 2013

01. Producer, General Manager of Division 3, Consumer Games Development/ Ryozo Tsujimoto/ Engaged in development of arcade games and also in charge of planning for various home video games. Producer of the "Monster Hunter" series since the release of "Monster Hunter Freedom 2" in 2007.

The quest to produced uncompromised fun within an ever-evolving series

-   MH4 is the 26th title (*Reduced price titles are included) in the Monster Hunter series. How do you feel the series has evolved, and what things do you think have remained the same?
 One constant throughout the entirety of series has been our emphasis on "action" and "multiplayer gaming". We always take extra time and effort to deliver action that is both fun and capable of getting players' jaws to drop. In addition to these aspects, we've always placed a great importance on features that stimulate communication among players. We continue to hold the belief that Monster Hunter is not about us supplying all the fun, but providing each game as tool that gets players talking and having fun together.
-   I see. Basically, you're saying that the players are the ones who come up with the different approaches and strategies for playing the game.
  You could say that. Monster Hunter was made to support online play because the underlying concept was to "provide people with a basic arena for having fun". However, with each successive title added to the series players have become more familiar with the Monster Hunter-style of action. That's why we decided to shake things up and add features such as 3D action to MH4. We wanted players to know we've taken the excitement to a whole new level.
-   Where do you intend to take the series from here?
 We haven't really plotted a course as of yet, but that's pretty much what we're talking about right now. We've discussed different game features and playing styles to generate some ideas. While we don't intend to give Monster Hunter a massive overhaul, we'll definitely continue to examine ways to help the series take the next step forward.
-   Thank you very much for bringing us up to speed on the Monster Hunter world. Any last words for fans out there?
 We intend to keep moving forward and tackling new challenges in our quest to further the evolution of the "Monster Hunter" series. First we must ensure that making games remains fun for us, and then share that sense of enjoyment with everyone who loves Monster Hunter. We've added some new features to "Monster Hunter 4", but let me assure you of this: Bigger and better things are yet to come.

Personal Motto: "Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur"

Although games are digital, it is people that create and enjoy them. I aim to value every encounter, both those that happen by chance and those that are out of necessity, so that I can create the ultimate game and provide the ultimate in entertainment.

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