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Developer Interview 2013

01. Producer, General Manager of Division 3, Consumer Games Development/ Ryozo Tsujimoto/ Engaged in development of arcade games and also in charge of planning for various home video games. Producer of the "Monster Hunter" series since the release of "Monster Hunter Freedom 2" in 2007.

Conveying the fun of the game:The basis of a diversified promotional strategy

-   Please tell us about your approach and strategy for promoting MH4.
 As I said earlier, the most important thing for us is getting the MH4 name out there. Of course our end goal is to generate sales, but to do that, we first need to people know what MH4 is all about. The messages we send out highlight the features of the game, the fun people having playing it, and that sense of excitement it delivers. We also do everything we can to provide actual examples of all the different in-game scenarios, and show people how they can enjoy co-op play.
-   What specific forms of media do you intend to use to promote the title?
 It's imperative that we get people interested in the game. The media channels we use--whether it be commercials on TV, radio spots, blog articles, or advertisements--are merely a means for doing that. Our basic approach throughout the series is to use the channels at our disposal to send out basic information about an upcoming game, and over time let fans hype up the game in anticipation of its release. The spread of information among fans plays a huge part in promoting the game. Likewise, the ability of these fans to give their friends a careful rundown of the game is truly incredible, and their continuous support has made Monster Hunter the series it is today. That's why we want to reach out to them first and tell them all they need to know about MH4. We've also lined up a wide variety of collaborative efforts which we hope will be good conversation starters for getting fans to talk about the game. Of course, we also aim to get out and hold events that allow fans to experience the Monster Hunter world in real life.
-   What kind of events do you have in mind?
  In addition to "Monster Hunter Festa' 13", we plan to give people opportunities to play the game before the release. MH4 is a game packed with even more content than its predecessors that fans will enjoy for hours on end, and that's what we intend to emphasize as we promote the game at different events.
-   You've been involved in a wide range of collaborative efforts.
 That's right. We've launched a number of projects to help bring the Monster Hunter world closer to the everyday lives of fans. We hope to knock fans off their feet and really get them buzzing with excitement.
-   I've heard you're doing a project together with a hot spring resort town.
 Yeah, we've teamed up with Shibu Hot Springs in Nagano Prefecture. We're also planning to hold our third event together with Universal Studios Japan (hereinafter called "USJ"). This year marks the third time for both events, with the event at Shibu Hot Springs previously being held in 2010 and 2011, while the one at USJ was held in 2011 and 2012. The scale of these projects continues to become more massive with each passing year.
-   How do you go about running these events?
 The enthusiastic and full-hearted support of both USJ and Shibu Hot Springs is what creates the friendly and heartwarming mood of these events. While we don't always see eye to eye, once a project gets underway both venues are a pleasure to work with. They're really committed to molding the designs for props and bringing the game world to life. This attitude fosters an atmosphere in which we can all carry out our work as professionals. Even when we tell them we're happy with what they've done, there are times they'll keep working until their satisfied with the end product. You couldn't ask for a better collaborative relationship.
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