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Developer Interview 2012

03. General Manager, Consumer Games Development Tokyo R&D Department/ Kazunori Sugiura / Joined Capcom in 2006 after working at an online game management company. Served as managing producer of "Monster Hunter Frontier Online", leading it to become the biggest title in Japanese online gaming. At present, responsible for all online and social games as head of the Tokyo Product Development.

Moving into markets outside Japan and prospects for success in the future - "Fools say they learn from experience; I prefer to learn from the experience of others."

-  What kinds of business models do you implement when you expand into markets outside Japan?
We have two basic models. The first is expansion through SNS-based sites with a proven track record as a platform for games that are PC browser-based, such as Facebook. The other model we employ is direct delivery to iOS and Android devices, the two main platforms for distributing applications designed for smartphones.
-  Which areas do you plan to cover as you expand globally?
Well, I'll be up front with you. Our ultimate goal is to cover every region around the world (laughs). That being said, it's important for us to prioritize our objectives, and at this time our number one priority is Asia. Traditionally, the main business for Capcom has been producing games for home consoles, but this platform is not well established in Asia. However, our online and social games have proven to be a perfect fit for the Asian market, and in that regard this region offers great potential for our efforts to expand globally. Still, we cannot overlook the attractive markets in North America and Europe and the vast number of people there that play games. We intend to enter these markets as well in the future.
-   What are your thoughts on future developments in the online and mobile game market?
First and foremost, I think we'll see the rapid spread of smartphones and the continued enhancement of their specs. At this rate, the functionality of smartphones will practically be the same as PCs in almost every respect. Meanwhile, as the differences in their communication standards continue to shrink, I believe that the barriers which exist between online games and social games will all but disappear. We feel that the ability of our staff to pull together as a single department in managing both game businesses will provide us with a distinct advantage.
-   It seems that you anticipate a significant change in both users and platforms over the next few years.
The pace of change in the market is incredibly rapid, with new developments emerging practically by the minute. Just take a look at the trends in visuals of games. Up until a few years ago animated 2D illustrations were all the rage, but nowadays there are a greater number of titles with rich graphics. One adage we often repeat to our staff is as follows: "Fools say they learn from experience; I prefer to learn from the experience of others." Though the platforms and market environment may undergo dramatic change in the future, the fundamental message of this saying remains the same. There are many things we can apply to social games by drawing upon the lessons learned from past home consoles and the experiences of our competitor in the current industry.
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