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Developer Interview 2011

07. Masaru Ijuin / Deputy General Manager of Technology Research and Development / Consumer Games Development

Coordinating with development teams and responding to the needs of developers -Relentless pursuit of cutting edge technology

- What inspired you to research the basics of video game technology?
From the beginning I've been part of the team responsible for creating the system architecture for games. That's pretty much where I started doing research on the basics of technology.
- I see. Could you tell me about the Technology Research and Development you now belong to?
Our department conducts research on the basic technologies required for game development. The department is divided into two sections: Technology Analysis Team, which studies "MT FRAMEWORK" and hardware devices, and Technology Implementation Team, which works with the actual development teams and provides creators with support for the development tools they use. Technology Analysis Team comes up with the latest technologies, and Technology Implementation Team delivers these technologies to creators and fields requests from developers.
- How many people are working in the Technology Research and Development right now?
We have around 60 employees. Incidentally, we usually dispatch one person from Technology Implementation Team when work is being done on a small title, and about four to five for a larger title.
- Those are the people that know what game development is all about, which is you're able to come up with tools creators want.
Exactly. But currently we're faced with a shortage of both technical researchers and personnel needed to make development engines that can be fully utilized. Our main problem is finding a way to get developers that are extremely knowledgeable in both areas.
- Have organizational changes caused you to alter your approach or focus?
In addition to home consoles, we've recently started providing support for mobile contents and arcade game machines. As you can probably guess, one of the big issues is we are grappling with is creating support for mobile contents, particularly smart phones.
- I've heard that you've provided outside developers with some of MT FRAMEWORK's resources.
Yes, we provide it to contracted developers or certain companies in Japan that we collaborate with. I believe that providing "MT FRAMEWORK" in this way has been hugely successful, for it has enabled these developers to put out the same level of high quality we are capable of producing if we did everything in-house.
- Have people objected to sharing "MT FRAMEWORK" with other companies?
Of course. Naturally there were some people who were hesitant about providing our own technology to outside companies, so we made sure to carefully discuss how we were going to provide it. Ultimately we felt we needed to loan it out in order to enlist the help of other developers and shorten the development cycle, as well as expand the lineup of high-quality games.
- Do you intend to provide "MT FRAMEWORK" to more developers in Japan and other countries in the future?
We don't have any plans right now, but we'll definitely take any requests we receive into consideration.
- hank you. In closing I was wondering if you could provide us with any thoughts on your future plans.
Capcom actively promotes the support of cutting edge technologies. We never hesitate to embrace the new, but always rise to meet new challenges. That to me is what Capcom's corporate culture is all about. Looking back, most of the research we've done on "MT FRAMEWORK" thus far has been primarily focused on performance, but in the future I'd also like to look into how to "make development easier". A lot people say that the strength of Capcom's development lies in our technical process. I want to build on this reputation and also get people to recognize how efficient our development engine is. That's where everything starts.
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