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Developer Interview 2011

Yoichi Egawa / Managing Corporate Officer / Head of P&S Business Division

Increasing complexity of pachislo machine development - Applying an ever-growing base of technical know-how to deliver high quality products

- On average, how long would you say it takes to develop a pachislo machine, from the start of planning to the actual launch of the product?
All told it takes about two years, including the time needed for the final testing. This lengthy period of time is largely due to the complexity of the plan specifications. In addition to the increasingly sophisticated internal design for controlling payouts, there is also a growing amount of work involved in creating the graphical effects.
- Considering that the entire process takes two years, does this mean you always to plan ahead when developing a new machine? Where do you see the market two years from now?
Changes in payout regulations would definitely prompt change in the market, but I doubt we'll see regulations change any time soon. For now we'll continue to monitor market trends and focus on working within the scope of current regulations to develop original products that set us apart from the competition.
- Do you intend to build on the success of "Sengoku BASARA 2" from the previous fiscal year and focus on producing your own brand machines?
While we're thrilled that "Sengoku BASARA 2" sold 16,000 units, we need to be even more ambitious and further strengthen our capabilities. Along with focusing on our own brands, we'll also continue to undertake contracted work for pachinko and pachislo machines. In addition, we also intend to implement measures that will shorten the amount of time needed to launch our own brands on the market. Currently we release one to two of our models per year, but in the near future we aim to release one per quarter.
- In closing could tell you us what to expect from the P&S business in the future?
Unfortunately in the past our original machine business failed to fully grasp the needs of the market. That all changed with "Sengoku BASARA 2", a massive hit that enabled us to create a development organization with an established reputation. Moving into the future, I intend to devote my efforts to further stabilizing the P&S business by launching titles in the vein of "Street Fighter IV". I am confident we have what it takes to be successful.
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