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Developer Interview 2011

Yoichi Egawa / Managing Corporate Officer / Head of P&S Business Division

New model "Street Fighter IV" Aiming for successive hits with one of Capcom's most beloved franchises

- Could you tell us what future releases you have lined up?
Following "Sengoku BASARA 2" we plan to release "Street Fighter IV", which will be the fifth Enterrise model. I am confident we can deliver a payout design and graphical effects perfectly catered to the needs of the market.
- Bringing one of Capcom's most famous franchises to the pachislo industry makes this an important title.
Absolutely. We really want "Street Fighter" fans to enjoy the pachislo version of "Street Fighter IV". At the same time, we also feel it's good opportunity to expose pachislo fans who know nothing about "Street Fighter" to this legendary series. This falls in line with our single-content-multi-use strategy. Hopefully the machines we make will help get people into the original console game title.
- Do the pachislo machines have any elements specific to "Street Fighter"?
The original console version of "Street Fighter IV" is a fighting game, so we added a taste of the "combat" to the effects in the ART mode. There's no point in using a title if you fail to incorporate the major features that made people fall in love with the original game.
- Have you set a specific sales target for the pachislo version of "Street Fighter IV"?
We'd like to reach the 16,000 mark set by "Sengoku BASARA 2", but that depends on the market environment and competition at the time the game is released. The truth is it's pretty hard to sell more than 10,000 units, so I think we'll find ourselves struggling to surpass the sales totals of the previous title. Sales figures aside, we definitely aim to make this one of the top selling machines in the pachislo market.
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