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Developer Interview 2011

Manabu Seko / President - Beeline Interactive Japan, Inc.

Mobile game users want a “social component.” That requires creating unique games rather than updating existing titles.

- Capcom has been focusing on social games for some time. For instance, the number of registered users for "MONSTER HUNTER MOBILE AIRU MURA," which is distributed on the "Mobage-town" platform, topped one million in August 2010. How do you use home video game content to develop social games?
One illustration is our "Resident Evil" series of home video games, in which the main character tries to solve mysteries. In June 2011, we started distributing "Resident Evil: Outbreak Survive" for the GREE mobile platform. In this social game, players are civilians trapped in the zombie-infested streets of Raccoon City. The objective is to survive by completing many missions with the cooperation of friends. This game incorporates the tension-filled worldview of the "Resident Evil" series. We also included the communication aspect that defines social games. The result is a game that can be enjoyed with no difficulty even by people who have never played a "Resident Evil" game before.
In another step to target first-time game players, we started distributing "Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting" for the iPhone in June 2011. This title, which is not a social game, offers a completely different way to enjoy a game while retaining the worldview of the "Monster Hunter" series. I think there has already been a positive response from smartphone users who are first-time game players.
"Resident Evil: Outbreak Survive"
- Does this mean that Capcom views social games as a way to extend the game market to new user segments?
People often refer to social games as a particular category of games. But I believe that social elements will be added to games of all types. Capcom wants to distribute games with these social aspects while achieving two goals: supplying content that people can enjoy as mobile games and using this content to enhance the stature of the Capcom brand.
"Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting"
- So you don't transplant home video games directly to mobile phones?
Home and mobile phone games are used in completely different situations. But both have the same purpose: to enjoy playing a game. For example, an iPhone game needs to end quickly and be easy to play. So we need to supply this type of content. The same is true of social games. We must not conclude that it is impossible to preserve the worldview of "Resident Evil" on a mobile phone. Instead, we need the flexibility to use a different means of expression that are suitable for handsets. I think we can attract new fans for our games by using this approach. This is precisely what Capcom is aiming to do with its multi-platform strategy.
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