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Developer Interview

Motohide Eshiro / Producers Section / Producer

A new world born of our staff's love for the original game

- First of all, I was wondering if you could tell us about the events leading up to your decision to develop "Okamiden."
A large number of gamers have anxiously awaited the release of a sequel to "Okami," which was released in 2006. This game holds a special place in the hearts of many of our staff members, and they took time out from work to develop a prototype on their own. They did a great job, producing a prototype that was good enough to be put out on the market, so we decided to move forward and start developing "Okamiden."
- So, you're saying that your love for "Okami" is what motivated you to voluntarily develop this game.
This kind of thing doesn't happen very often, but I think the original corporate culture of Capcom is characterized by employees working together to infuse their own passion within the games, and being willing to put forth their utmost to elevate the quality of games and give gamers something they can get the most out of playing. This is what Capcom is all about. The staff working on "Okamiden" shared a special attachment to this title, and I had no doubt that they would be able to overcome the various difficulties in developing the game. The passion of our team gave me the courage and resolve to move ahead with the development of "Okamiden."
- So what is this new game about?
"Okami" is a nature adventure game in which the main character, a white wolf that is an avatar of a god, battles monsters in an effort to restore the nature and peace of a shattered world. This game is based on Japanese mythology and legends from antiquity. "Okami" has a unique worldview, in which beautiful and rich natural environments and animals are colorfully depicted in the traditional Japanese ink style. This original look made the game not only popular in Japan but also in many other countries around the world.
- Is "Okamiden" the sequel to "Okami?"
Yes. The star of "Okamiden" is a white wolf puppy named "Chibiterasu," who is the child of Amaterasu, the main character from the original "Okami". This title is an action-adventure game in which Chibiterasu teams up with different partners to overcome a number of challenges as he fights to bring nature and peace back to a world plagued by a demonic curse. As the game story progresses, the characters learn to trust each other, develop a strong bond with one another, and grow together as they meet and part ways with other unique characters along the journey.
- Two characters at the same time play through the game, don't they?
That's right. In this story both Chibiterasu and his partners are somewhat immature and have their own share of shortcomings, but by working together they are able to overcome the obstacles they come up against. For example "Kiseki (shining path)," one of the brush strokes for the "Celestial Brush" (*described later), allows players to guide their partner and use their help to solve different gimmicks and puzzles. Though some of the gimmicks and puzzles found in each stage may seem difficult for you to figure out on your own, they are usually solved by working together with other characters. This is something players will encounter a lot while playing "Okamiden".
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