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Developer Interview

Jun Takeuchi / General Manager of R&D Strategic Planning Department

Overcoming cultural differences, this brand-new series is rapidly establishing itself across the world

- First of all, could you tell me how and why you created the "Lost Planet" series?
Our engineers have long been eager to tackle a “third person shooter (TPS)”, which is one of the most popular genre overseas.
In contrast to the “first person shooter (FPS)” where a player experiences everything from the hero’s perspective, third-person shooters allow players to control the hero from an overhead view (third-person perspective). We were a little worried because third person shooters are not really that well known in Japan, and because it was our first attempt to develop a game that mainly targeted the overseas market. But the first title in the series has already sold over 2.2 million copies.
- Why do you think so many foreign consumers are drawn to this game?
I think they really appreciated that our familiarity with this Western genre and how we added a Japanese twist to it by incorporating our own ideas and materials, thus setting it apart from normal Western third person shooters.
- I was wondering if you could tell us about the game world and the story of the series.
No particular region is specified as the main scenario for the game. Since Western gamers prefer games that recreate that sense of experiencing the world of reality, we decided to give the "Lost Planet" series a story that was fairly realistic. For example, the concept of "Thermal Energy" is derived from energy issues that our world faces today. Thus the story incorporates some realistic social problems as well.
- Was the game developed both in Japan and overseas?
The core elements of the game were developed in Japan, while the music and some of the language details were handled overseas. Cultural differences don’t allow for the smooth collaboration between Japan and developers overseas.
- Did you have any problems with expressions or translating the game?
We consulted native speakers on numerous occasions to make sure the characters used the right words and natural expressions within the game.
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