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Corporate Officers

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(as of June 11, 2018)

With the introduction of a Corporate Officer System, we aim to establish a clear distinction between the Board of Directors, who dictate management policy, and the corporate officers, who execute business operations, thus facilitating faster decision-making and more flexible execution of operations.

Corporate Officers

Photo : Motohide Imaizumi Managing Corporate Officer
Motohide Imaizumi
Head of Arcade Operations Business Division
Photo : Jun Takeuchi Managing Corporate Officer
Jun Takeuchi
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 1
Photo : Nobuyuki Matsushima Managing Corporate Officer
Nobuyuki Matsushima
Head of R&D Management Division
Photo : Nobuko Sekiguchi Managing Corporate Officer
Nobuko Sekiguchi
Head of Corporate Planning & Human Resources Division
Photo : Ryozo Tsujimoto Managing Corporate Officer
Ryozo Tsujimoto
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 2 and Mobile Online Development Division
Photo : Shigenori Araki Managing Corporate Officer
Shigenori Araki
Head of eSports Group
Photo : Mitsuru Sato Corporate Officer
Mitsuru Sato
Deputy Head of Mobile Online Development Division
Photo : Koji Yokota Corporate Officer
Koji Yokota
Head of General Affairs, Legal & IT Division
Photo : Midori Yuasa Corporate Officer
Midori Yuasa
Head of Media & New Business Incubation Division
Photo : Toyoshige Hanaoka Corporate Officer
Toyoshige Hanaoka
Depty Head of Consumer Games R&D Management Division
Photo : Yoshinori Ishida Corporate Officer
Yoshinori Ishida
Head of Japan & Asia Business Division and Deputy Head of Mobile Online Development Division
PHoto : Yoshinori Ono Corporate Officer
Yoshinori Ono
General Manager of
Management Department 2
and SF Business Department
Photo : Nariyuki Nobuyama Corporate Officer
Nariyuki Nobuyama
Head of Consumer Games Production Division
Photo : Satoshi Arai Corporate Officer
Satoshi Arai
Head of PS Business Division
Photo : Jun Akanuma Corporate Officer
Jun Akanuma
Deputy Head of eSports Group
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