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Auditors / Corporate Officers

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(as of April 1, 2016)

The board of auditors has three members, including two external auditors. The external auditors attend meetings of the board of directors and other important meetings, provide objective and fair opinions, and perform other activities. This enables the external auditors to closely supervise the directors to ensure that they perform their duties in a manner that is legal and appropriate.


Corporate Auditor
Kazushi Hirao
Apr. 1975 Entered into Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Apr. 1987 Assistant Manager of the said Company
Jun. 1988 Entered into the Company
Apr. 1997 General Manager of Overseas Business Dept. of the Company
Jul. 1999 Corporate Officer, General Manager of Overseas Business Dept. of the Company
Oct. 2002 General Manager of General Affairs Dept. of the Company
Apr. 2004 Senior Manager of Investor Relations Section of the Company
Jun. 2004 Corporate Auditor of the Company (full-time)(to present)
Corporate Auditor
Yoshihiko Iwasaki
Apr. 1979 Entered into National Tax Agency
Jul. 1986 District Director of Ijuin Tax Office
Jul. 1997 Deputy Commissioner (Revenue Management and Collection) of Hiroshima Regional Taxation Bureau
Jul. 1999 Deputy Commissioner (Large Enterprise Examination and Criminal Investigation) of Hiroshima Regional Taxation Bureau
Jul. 2003 Director of Commissioner's Secretariat, the National Tax Agency
Jul. 2007 Assistant Regional Commissioner (Management and Co-ordination) of Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau
Jul. 2008 Executive Director of National Tax College
Jul. 2009 Director-General of Kanazawa Regional Tax Tribunal
Jul. 2010 Director-General of Sapporo Regional Tax Tribunal
Jul. 2011 Vice President of National Tax College
Jun. 2012 External Corporate Auditor of the Company (full-time)(to present)
Corporate Auditor
Akihiko Matsuzaki
Apr. 1968 Entered into National Police Agency
Feb. 1975 Chief of Foreign Affairs Section, Security Bureau, Hyogo Prefectural Police Headquarters
May 1979 First Secretary of Embassy of Japan in Thailand
Jul. 1988 Chief of Tottori Prefectural Police Headquarters
Apr. 1993 Chief of Nagano Prefectural Police Headquarters
Aug. 1996 Director General of Chubu Regional Police Bureau
Sep. 1997 Director of the Board, Japan Road Traffic Information Center
Apr. 2002 Auditor of Japan Police Mutual Aid Association
Sep. 2003 Director of the Board, Japan Police Mutual Aid Association
Mar. 2005 President of Kioi Kyosai Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2009 Auditor of Japan Police Cooperative (Part-time) (to present)
Jun. 2012 External Corporate Auditor of the Company (to present)

Notes) Messrs. Yoshihiko Iwasaki and Akihiko Matsuzaki are External Corporate Auditor.

Comments from Auditor

Auditing the Execution of Operations Related to Business Development Amid a Changing Market Environment

監査役(常勤)平尾 一氏Capcom's team of corporate auditors consists of three individuals, including two external auditors.

Daily audit operations are implemented in accordance with the audit policy and segregation of duties determined by the Board of Corporate Auditors. To perform our duties, we communicate with the Board of Directors, the Internal Auditors Office and the Internal Controls Office and other persons within the company, and work to ensure a suitable audit environment is in place. In addition, collaborating with the Audit Committee, we constantly share information and views in order to reinforce operational audits. We also audit and verify frameworks that ensure director duties conform to laws and the company's articles of incorporate as well as frameworks for ensuring the appropriate operations of the company (internal control system).

Corporate auditors attend board of directors and other important company meetings, and based on reports from directors on their duties, when necessary, we request further explanations and browse important decision-making documents to investigate the status of Capcom's operations and assets.

Looking ahead, with Capcom engaged in a dramatically changing market environment, going forward, I would like to further strengthen communication and information exchange with directors at our affiliated subsidiaries and perform audits based on fundamental perspectives.

Compensation for corporate auditors

Compensation for corporate auditors of Capcom were as follows for the year that ended in March 2015.

  • 52 million yen was paid to 4 corporate auditors (including 24 million yen to the 2 external corporate auditors)

Reasons for selection of outside corporate auditors

The external auditors were selected for the following reasons.

Yoshihiko Iwasaki :
Selected based on his career and experience as a tax administrator of tax agency offices would be useful to the company.

Akihiko Matsuzaki :
Selected based on the affluent experience and knowledge accumulated through his career as a police administrator for a long time would effect and strengthen corporate governance of the company.

Corporate Officer

Photo : Kazuhiko Abe Executive Corporate Officer
Kazuhiko Abe
Head of Charactor Contents Business Division
Photo : Kenkichi Nomura Executive Corporate Officer
Kenkichi Nomura
Head of Finance, Accounting & Public Relations Division
Photo : Kunio Neo Managing Corporate Officer
Kunio Neo
Head of Global Marketing Group
Photo : Motohide Imaizumi Managing Corporate Officer
Motohide Imaizumi
Head of Arcade Operations Business Division
Photo : Jun Takeuchi Managing Corporate Officer
Jun Takeuchi
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 1
Photo : Nobuyuki Matsushima Managing Corporate Officer
Nobuyuki Matsushima
Head of Amusement Equipments Business Division
Photo : Nobuko Sekiguchi Managing Corporate Officer
Nobuko Sekiguchi
Head of Corporate Planning & Human Resources Division
Photo : Mitsuru Sato Managing Corporate Officer
Mitsuru Sato
Head of R&D Management Group
Photo : Koji Yokota Corporate Officer
Koji Yokota
Head of General Affairs, Legal & IT Division
Photo : Atsuo Itsuji Corporate Officer
Atsuo Itsuji
General Manager of Corporate IT Promotion Department
Photo : Midori Yuasa Corporate Officer
Midori Yuasa
Head of Mobile Business Division
Photo : Toyoshige Hanaoka Corporate Officer
Toyoshige Hanaoka
Head of Consumer Games R&D Management Division
Photo : Yoshinori Ishida Corporate Officer
Yoshinori Ishida
Head of Japan & Asia Business Division
PHoto : Yoshinori Ono Corporate Officer
Yoshinori Ono
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 2
Photo : Nariyuki Nobuyama Corporate Officer
Nariyuki Nobuyama
Head of Consumer Games Production Division
Photo : Ryozo Tsujimoto Corporate Officer
Ryozo Tsujimoto
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 3
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