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On Sale: JUNE 21,2016
Umbrella Corps Available Now!!
  • ps4®
  • ps4®


Seize victory from the brink of defeat


Push your skills to the limit!A competitive shooter!

2016 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Resident Evil series. To help commemorate this event, we're bringing a new game to the Resident Evil universe. Umbrella Corps is an action-packed competitive shooter set in the world of Resident Evil that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you battle for survival. Use skill and strategy to seize victory in this exciting, e-sports competitive shooter.

Maps & Creatures : Elements from the Resident Evil universe!

The battlefields in Umbrella Corps feature unforgettable locations and enemies from the Resident Evil universe.

Battle Systems : Precision controls separate life from death! You control the action!

Use analog cover, a feature of Umbrella Corps' distinctive CQBZ battle system, to fire from behind cover and master the battlefield!

Umbrella Corps

Platforms: PlayStation®4 / PC

Release Date: Available Now

Price: $29.99

Genre: Competitive Shooter

Players: 1-6

Rating: ESRB M (Ages 17+)

Note: In order to download this game and enjoy online battles, you will need an internet connection as well as a subscription to the online service for the respective hardware maker.


Umbrella Corps utilizes the Unity engine developed by Unity Technologies. This engine was created using the latest technology and provides a game development environment that brings together a wide range of middleware. Unity integrates various creative tools and supports a variety of file formats, allowing designers and creators to realize their ideas more faithfully than ever. Unity is an incredibly versatile engine, and Umbrella Corps was made with the assistance of Unity Technologies, allowing us to fine tune the game for high performance.

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