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CAPCOM: Creator of Entertainment Culture
that Stimulates your Senses

Our principle is to be a creator of entertainment culture.

We operate businesses based on the Single Content Multiple Usage strategy, which is one of our central business strategies.

We pursue a variety of copyright-related business opportunities including publishing and licensing (movies, animations, music CDs, character merchandise), while also devoting our resources to eSports business.


Digital Content

This business develops and sells packaged digital download content (DLC) for home video game consoles. It also develops and manages Mobile Contents and PC Online Games. Consumer videogames include unique and original content mainly in the genre of action and adventure. Contents from many of these million-seller titles are used for smartphones, tablets and PC online games and are streamed globally to maximize our revenue.

Arcade Operations

We operate “PLAZA CAPCOM” and other amusement facilities in Japan. Located mainly in large-scale commercial complexes, our amusement facilities follow a scrap-and-build policy to maximize efficiency and host creative events to attract a wider range of customers, including families and female customers.

Amusement Equipment

This business utilizes the popular content from our home video games.
The Pachinko & Pachislo (PS) sub-segment is involved in the development, manufacture and sales of frames and LCD devices for gaming machines as well as software. The Arcade Games sales sub-segment develops, produces, and sells arcade games for amusement facilities.

Other Businesses

Based on the Single Content Multiple Usage strategy of leveraging game IP across different media, we pursue a variety of copyright-related business opportunities. In addition to adapting game content into movies, animation, music CDs, character merchandise and other products as part of our licensing business, we are also devoting our resources to our eSports business.

Corporate Data

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The fiscal year ended March 31, 2022 marked the 9th consecutive year of operating income growth due to the new release of flagship titles and the continuous reinforcement of sales of existing titles provided by the expansion of digital sales.

Number of million-seller titles



CAPCOM has created many hit titles, including “Street Fighter” and “Biohazard.”

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Under our corporate philosophy, we rely on our strong foundation and accumulated capital to create unique and popular IP contents.
We are continuing to expand our business by also applying these IPs to various other fields. Through these efforts, we contribute to solving social issues by providing financial and non-financial values, including happiness, brought by our games.

CAPCOM’s sustainability