Working Environment

We will introduce you to our solid and high-level development facility for creating the highest quality game for the global market and our comfortable and pleasant work environment.


We have two motion capture studios and in-house motion actors under exclusive contracts. We also have sound studios as well as 3D scanning studios. Our staff from various sections work in unison for development by using these studios to their maximum.

3D Scanning Studio 1

The pieces of machinery in the front are for facial (face) imaging, while those in the back are for full-body imaging. There are more than 130 cameras in total in the room so as to enable imaging from any angle.

3D Scanning Studio 2

They are facial (face) imaging machines. The mirror in front of the cameras is to check faces when taking imaging.

3D Scanning Studio 3

They are machines for full-body imaging. Installing these pieces of machinery eliminates the time and effort required for modeling from scratch, reducing a considerable amount of work that used to take about six months.

Motion Capture Studio 1

In-house motion actors under exclusive contracts are always stationed, and, in the studio, the movements of not only humans but also various other living things are filmed through a process of shared imagery and trial and error.

Motion Capture Studio 2

Actors check their own movements on a monitor and take motions with the most detailed images of the character’s movements.

bit MASTER studio1

Our sound studio is fully equipped with various kinds of machinery. Directors and composers make up a team to produce the game sound in the studio.

bit MASTER studio2

This is a view of the sound editing process. The recording booth in the back is actually used for recording songs by vocalists or music by musicians.

Foley Stage 1

This Foley stage, which was newly established in May 2015, is used for recording and editing sound effects. The picture is a view of recording the characters’ footsteps.

Foley Stage 2

This room is equipped with various floor surfaces, including soil, grass and cobblestone, as well as water areas, so that various types of sound effects can be recorded in the room.

Foley Stage 3

While checking the character’s movements, sound effects will be added to match the actual movements.

Cafeteria on the 3rd floor 1

The entire cafeteria is uniformly decorated in a calm tone so that its users can enjoy a meal at leisure and refresh their bodies and minds.

Cafeteria on the 3rd floor 2

Behind the dining room on the third floor is a bar-like space with a luxurious atmosphere. This space is used for entertaining guests from outside the company or for meetings.

Cafeteria on the 4th floor 1

There are colorful chairs in the cafeteria on the fourth floor, and outside light comes through the windows. Therefore, it is filled with a bright and lively atmosphere, unlike the cafeteria on the third floor.

Motion Capture Studio 1

Motion will be shot using 36 cameras in one of the largest studios in Japan, with a ceiling height of approximately 7 meters.

Motion Capture Studio 2

The private room with little sound reverberation is for facial (face) imaging.


There is a heliport on the rooftop of the research and development second building for emergencies due to natural and other disasters.

9th Floor (Office floor)

In the center of the floor is a desk for directors and a space for casual meetings at any time.


There are colorful tables at the entrance, which can be used for a brief meeting, although it is an entrance.

Events / Welfare

  • Insurance

    Health Insurance /
    Employee Pension Insurance /
    Employment Insurance / Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance, etc.

  • Events

    Birthday party / Club activity
    (including soccer or volleyball)

  • Environment and Facility

    Company dormitory and company housing rental system / Company cafeteria /
    Massage room / Welfare facilities (corporate contract), etc.

  • Compensation

    Patent Reward System / Long Service Award System / Shareholding Association / Property Savings System, etc.

  • Childcare Support

    Capcom Juku / Shortened (Special) Work Hours System for workers raising children

  • In-house esports competitions
  • Club activities
  • Birthday party
  • Massage room


Capcom Juku (Capcom’s in-house facility for supporting child rearing)

We offer a variety of workstyle support unique to an entertainment company. One kind of support is Capcom Juku, which opened in April 2017. The childcare center offers monthly and temporary childcare as well as after-school care for kindergarten and elementary school students.

This is currently being used by our employees who raise children while working. Since other parents are coworkers, the service has been well-received for its sense of security and understanding of their work. The program includes not only childcare but also English conversation, rhythmic classes, and nutrition education with outside instructors.

Users’ feedback for Capcom Juku
Programmer /
Male worker
I began to feel incredible growth when my child told me about songs, games, and stories that I had never taught.

I enjoy participating in some events open for parents and children. Various questions and casual participation in weekday events are strengths unique to the in-house childcare center.
Users can also interact with colleagues raising children and teachers and feel free to discuss and share their childcare concerns, allowing them to leave their children with a sense of security.

For active participation
of women

To realize a work environment with active participation of women, we not only introduce maternity and childcare leave and shorter working hour systems but also promote their use.

Ms. Natsumi Furuya

Background Design
(Section Leader)
Joined in 2008

I enjoy both working and child-rearing as much as possible.

I joined Capcom in 2008 because I had played Devil May Cry 4 and would like to depict such background as expressed in the game. In my third year with this company, I received an excellent reputation both inside and outside the company by developing the background of Biohazard 6. While I enjoyed my job increasingly, I also experienced childbirth in 2015.
I was able to put my child in a nursery school near where I live, and since the foundation of Capcom Juku in 2017, it has become easier for other employees to do both work and child-rearing. Since my husband also works at Capcom, we both work shorter hours at a 50-50 pace. I took on assistant duties in various departments.

When I became accustomed to balancing work with childcare, I began to think that I wanted to be involved in work that “only I can do” rather than work that “some other people can do,” and I discussed this with my superior.

Since returning to my job, I have been a section leader.
My goal for the future is to improve the quality of all the tasks I am involved in while keeping a good balance between working and childcare.

Daily Work Flow

Come to the office
Check & instructions for background deliverables that have been requested to be checked
Meetings, tasks & instructions about background creation
Leave the office to pick up my children from nursery school (based on the schedule coordinated with my husband)