ピーター ファビアノ


This answer is simple: I joined Capcom because I loved the games they made and I wanted to be a part of the game creation process. I wanted to use my skills to help Capcom become a more global company. As the industry was evolving, I wanted to use my experience in TV production, and help make and sell games that would be recognized and revered around the world.
During my time at Capcom, I was involved in many facets of game development and management. Though I myself am not a game designer, I was able to work with teams in various divisions. Not only was I able to grow the localization team, I was also able to create a new team of production managers to work on efficiencies and bring external resources to internal processes and teams. I have worked with localization, audio, QA, modelers, animators, PR people, marketers and more. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about all of these disciplines and then give back knowledge and ideas to help us further evolve and stay competitive and efficient.


My future and consistent goal is to expand our production focus and build on existing pipelines and ideas. Of course, we are nothing without our creative team, so I hope my team and I will continue to grow and aid in helping us create quality titles for our overseas markets. My goals are generally high-level, but what I can say in this small space is that I want to continue to expand the roles of individual team members while having them contribute more to the game development process either on the production or creative side. I want to make sure that our team has a great environment to work in and encourage each member to grow and give back to the company. I believe that if you can nurture and address the realistic needs of individuals, and encourage them to take up fair leadership roles by showing them how to be leaders themselves, you will create a company that will continue to grow in a positive fashion, becoming a place where the individual cares about the overall. Of course, you need to have fair and respected people in positions of management in order to do so. I want to make sure I can be one of those leaders.