Special Video Series

You may have heard our name, you may even know our games, but do you know Capcom?
We’ve put together a series of quick, informative videos for those looking for a primer on the company behind some of the world’s most popular game brands.
We’re sure you’ll learn something new about Capcom—watch and see for yourself.

Our rich library of game content is enjoyed across the globe

Capcom’s drive to take on new challenges has given rise to countless iconic brands, which in turn have garnered massive followings across the globe.

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Capcom’s Single Content Multiple Usage strategy

In addition to making original, hit content for game platforms, we are also actively utilizing our brands in movies, theater productions, and other non-game media. This Single Content Multiple Usage strategy delivers multilayered profitability and helps build a business portfolio that is diversified against risk.

COO’s Discussion of Growth Strategies: Multiple-usage content