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Dot Eater

A living being whose origin and motive are wrapped in mystery. It is an omnivorous life form that consumes anything in its path. No matter what happens, its smile never leaves its face. It is not known what it is thinking or what its motives are, but it is certainly heading towards the box.

Mega Man
Mega Man
Middle Aged Hero!

Known as a Digger, a person who digs up relics from the past for research. He is a hot-tempered man, but has a strong sense of justice and is also very polite. His weak point is that he is easily rattled when backed into a corner. He is always running around in a hurry due to the demands of his partner Roll, and this time he's been asked to travel to Antarctica to retrieve a mysterious box.

The cat who wants to be human

Lonely but pampered. A cat that is very pure-hearted and simple-minded.Toro awakened the power of the Hadou while attempting to remember as many words as possible in a quest to become human. Toro loves tuna, wrapped fermented beans, shrimp, and is an accomplished sewist.

Two Dimensional Justice

A cat that has been around the block a couple of times. Kuro possesses knowledge on a wide variety of miscellaneous topics, and loves games, the occasional adult beverage and the company of beautiful women.While staying up late at night playing games, Kuro unexpectedly awakened the Devil Gene within him naturally. Kuro dreams of a future where he can live freely and do whatever he wants at any time.


For the PlayStation©3 version, the star of inFAMOUS, Cole MacGrath, makes an appearance!

Is this man a hero, or a villain?

In a flash, Cole became a man with the power to wield electricity.
Able to fire electric-based attacks from his hands, this hero is shrouded in a tempest of electricity, and can mow down anyone who opposes him.

Street Fighter X Tekken is in development for the PlayStation®Vita!
With the PS Vita's Touch Screen, and of course its network capabilities to allow smooth entry into the PS World, we are developing a title that will allow content-sharing between the two platforms without any discernable differences.

Of course, the PS3 version of the game will also feature new characters and Cole MacGrath!
Further details will appear soon!

※ Image is of a product still under development, and is an insert image.