Career opportunities at Capcom

Hi, this is the Capcom Recruitment Team. Welcome to our new Portal site.
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Working Environment

Place of work Osaka
Our Head Office and main Research & Development facilities are located in Osaka, near the beautiful Osaka Castle.
Working hours General working hours (9:30am-6pm)
※Discretionary Labour System
Holidays Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), major Japanese holidays, New Year's holiday, paid holidays.
※Alltogether 123 days off for 2015.
Salary Initial salary based on skills and experience.
※Salary revised yearly in accordance with performance evaluation and corporate conditions
Permanent employees annual salary is divided into 16 monthly salaries, 12 paid as monthly salaries,
4 months salary are paid in Summer (2 months) and Winter (2 months) as bonus.
Contract employees salary is divided into 12 monthly salaries.
Welfare and
We provide a comprehensive health and benefits package, as well as a fun and exciting work environment.