ザーポトツキー ペートル


I love videogames, and I'd like to use my experience I got from working on movies, and apply it to games, to increase the visual quality. Seeing better rigging in the games would, I believe, definitely help with the player's immersion into the game world. And that's what I would love to see.
I have been developing - scripting a comprehensive rigging system, which would include the best quality we can possibly use in our engine, to simulate muscle-like movements, in an effort to help solve the commonly seen issues with deformations around harder-to-rig areas like the shoulders.


My future goals are always going to be centered around my family, my priorities always to be a good man, good husband and an awesome father. I feel like I'm doing everything in my power to achieve these goals, but will always strive to do more, to grow more as a person, live a healthy lifestyle, balance work with relax, and always keep an open mind. Work-wise, I would like to become a better rigger, learn fluent Japanese and possibly written Japanese as well, and pick up another language. I’m taking steps towards each of these, studying new materials from my rigging field and developing new techniques, but should focus more on the languages, as Japanese is crucial at this point for me, and i haven't been giving it enough attention.