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Why Invest?

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Capcom is releasing a consistent stream of successful titles as demand for entertainment content worldwide grows. One reason for investing in Capcom is to benefit from this growing market along with Capcom's strengths that give it an edge over competitors.

1.Demand for entertainment content is growing worldwide

The global market for entertainment content (games, animation, videos, music, etc.) is expanding year after year. Countries worldwide are investing in the content industry as a key sector for supporting their economies.

2.Capcom is focusing resources on growing markets

Capcom is channeling about 85% of its resources to the fastest-growing categories of the entertainment content sector: home video games, online games and mobile games.

3.Capcom has one of the world’s most powerful R&D capabilities

Ranking among the industry leaders worldwide in terms of technologies and content development skills, Capcom has consistently created games that have been popular around the world. The company has launched about 50 major hits that sold more than one million units.

4.Capcom has one of the industry’s highest operating margins

By establishing a highly efficient framework for developing content, Capcom has raised its operating margin to about 15% in the past several years. This is one of the highest levels of profitability in the industry.

5.Capcom maximizes for earnings by utilizing content
in many ways

Capcom uses its large number of popular games and other content in many ways, such as for producing character goods and movies. Adopting this multi-faceted approach allows Capcom to maximize opportunities for earning profits.

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