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Developer Interview

Resident Evil 5 Will Occupy a Unique Place in the Gaming World.  We Are Going to Shock Everybody.

From Resident Evil to Head of R&D Strategic Planning

"PR Staff"
Let's start by talking about you. You've said that you're a big movie fan. Has that had an impact on your work?
Well, soon after joining Capcom, I was assigned to the team working on the original Resident Evil. Shinji Mikami was the director for that one. I was involved with production from the beginning of the series, and it was decided that the game would have a horror slant to it. At that time, if someone said "horror," you would immediately think of movies; since we were making a movie-like game, I knew my interests in movies would serve me well.
"PR Staff"
You were involved with Resident Evil 1, 2, and now 5. In what capacity have you worked on them?
At first I was designer, and I also worked as a graphics animator. Eventually I went on to be in charge of the team responsible for Resident Evil's visuals.
"PR Staff"
I see. So in a sense, RE1 led you to a line management position. Speaking of RE1, the star from that game returns in RE5, and this time he's in Africa. I saw some footage of the game in a DVD that was included with an issue of Famits? (a Japanese video-game magazine), and it had a very cinematic tension to it.
Ah, yes. I had a lot of ideas for it, so I said put this, this, and that in it. We put all this stuff in and in the end that's what we came up with. I'm a bit embarrassed that you even brought it up. (Laughs)
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