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Fall 2017


The truth behind the horror, reborn.

Acting as the link between two major RE titles, Resident Evil Revelations comes to PlayStation®4 and Xbox One with high resolution 1080p visuals and all available DLC included in one affordable package.


Campaign Mode lets you experience an intense tale of isolation and survival that takes place between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, while Raid Mode offers you the thrills of action-packed, run-and-gun gameplay, and is packed with content to enjoy long after the campaign is over.


Chris Redfield goes missing in action during a mission, forcing the BSAA to dispatch Jill Valentine on a search-and-rescue operation. She arrives at her target location to find an extravagant cruise liner floating in the middle of the ocean. Jill makes her way through winding corridors filled with perilous traps and horrifying creatures, and soon finds that she has only just scratched the surface of a horrifying conspiracy.


Higher resolution

The power of the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One allow for crisp 1080p resolution. Increased environmental detail and refined creature movements add a whole new dimension to the terror.


This new version includes all DLC costumes and weapons that were sold separately for Raid Mode. Check out the extra costumes below.

《 Included downloadable content 》

  • Weapon Pack 
    Resistance Set

    - G18 "Speed Load" Handgun
    - P-90 "Sonic Assist" Machine Gun
    - Windham "Steady Hand" Shotgun

    - Python "Short Range+" Magnum
    - High Roller "Speed Load" Machine Gun
    - PSG1 "Long Range+" Sniper Rifle

  • Weapon Pack 
    Enhancement Set

    - PC356 "Speed Shot" Handgun
    - MP5 "Speed Shot" Machine Gun
    - Hydra "Sonic Assist" Shotgun

    - L. Hawk "Speed Load" Magnum
    - High Roller "Sonic Assist+" Machine Gun
    - M40A1 "Sonic Assist+" Sniper Rifle

All weapons are Level 1, but they have a higher rarity than usual and feature an additional slot. In addition, all parts can be removed and attached to other weapons you have collected.

  • Raid Mode costume
    Rachael Ooze

    Rachael Ooze
  • Raid Mode costume
    Lady Hunk

    Lady Hunk
Resident Evil: Revelations
■Release date: Fall 2017
■Price: $19.99
■Players: 1 (1-2 players via online play)
■Platforms: PlayStation®4, Xbox One
■ESRB Rating: M